Real Estate Investment Law to Grant Turkish Citizenship

Real Estate Investment Law to Grant Turkish Citizenship  Read more......

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How to be granted for a Turkish Citizenship by investing in real estate

The Turkish Citizenship seeker (the investor) must follow these exact steps by order

1- Obtaining a tax registration number

2-Opening a bank account in a Turkish bank

3-Buy and register in your name a Turkish property min. worth 250 thousand dollars

4-Obtain a certificate of conformity

5-Start the application for the Turkish citizenship.


The real estate investment terms that should be known by The Turkish Citizenship seeker (the investor)

Buy one or more than one property in Turkey that worth at least 250.000 USD altogether. The properties should be register in your name

Preservation of the property/properties for at least 3 years; without any intention to sell it during this period

The value of the property is defined by the Turkish authorities and is declared by the Supervisory Board, this declaration is called appraisal report

The price of the property must be paid by bank transfer and the transfer is evidenced by bank receipts

The officially declared value of the property in the land registration office must be at least $ 250,000, property must be key ready and free of any loan debts in its deed records.

The request for Turkish citizenship is sent to the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, Directorate General of Population and Citizenship, Foreign Affairs Directorate, Ministry of Housing and Development, Land Registration Office.


The Turkish Citizenship seeker (the investor) must be aware of:


The duration of holding the real estate investment is at least 3 years

Financial Transactions should be proceeded via bank accounts not handed in cash to the seller

To be granted for the Turkish citizenship you cannot buy the property from a foreigner (Non-Turkish Citizen)

The value of the property required must be at least $ 250 thousand.

According to the amended law, the property cannot be sold during the first three years of the purchase.

The property can be sold after three years of purchase

The wife/spouse of the applicant shall be granted Turkish citizenship, in addition to children less than 18 years of age

There is no need to apply for residence separately in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship

Turkish nationality remains for life and it is granted to newborn.

The Turkish Citizenship seeker (the investor) must have and submit the following documents

Birth certificate

Social register and family record showing your marital status, in addition to family members such as husband, wife, children, marriage certificate or divorce certificate

 If the applicant is a widow ,she must submit the husband's death certificate.

health insurance

12 photographs with a white background

Copy of the passport

All documents must be translated into Turkish by an authorized Turkish notary office.

Application Forms that must be filled out correctly


The Turkish Citizenship seeker (the investor) Support and Duration

To follow all procedures professionally, we recommend and direct you to Turkish lawyer offices, which are specialized in this field and speak your language.

Time and Duration of the procedures to complete and receive the Turkish nationality is taking approximately 3 – 5 month after application.

After completing the purchase and sale process, the certificate of conformity will be obtained and then the rest of the documents will be completed in order to apply for the Turkish citizenship.


Finally after all these benefits some people may see that 250.000$ is a huge amount of money, so they have to read the following:

 Statistics and Records


Thousands of Turkish Citizenship seekers apply every week, more than 10.000 applicant have submitted their applications in a very short term ( since the issuance of the real estate investment law by the government in 18-9-2018)

The Foreigners turnout to get The Turkish Citizenship by investing in Real Estate has raised by 78.3% in 2018 than 2017 as per the Turkish Institute of Statistics, There is no doubt that the main factor behind this dramatic rise in sales is the recent law of getting the Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, that has been issued by the government.