Turkey Property Expenses and Fees

 Turkey Property Expenses and Fees

It's important to note that the turkey property expenses and fees associated with purchasing and maintaining a property in Turkey can vary, and the values provided are approximate. Here's a breakdown of the taxes, fees, and monthly expenses:


**Taxes and Fees Paid Once:**


1. Translation and notary certification of the purchaser's passport into Turkish language: $100

   - This is necessary for legal documentation.


2. Fee to obtain the Title Deed of the property (Tapu) on behalf of the buyer: $90

   - The Title Deed is the official document proving property ownership.


3. Property tax fee: 4% of the property's value according to the Tapu

   - The tax amount is calculated based on the official property value, which is typically lower than the real price.


4. Fees for the services of a sworn translator "English – Turkish": $100

   - Necessary for legal documentation during the property purchase process.


5. Fees for the transfer of property ownership (paid to the Land Registry Office): $200

   - This is also part of the property purchase process.


**Other Expenses Paid After Receiving the Tapu:**


6. Registration of water meter:

   - Registration of a completely new water meter: $200 (one-time payment)

   - Transfer of the meter's name from the old owner to the new owner: $60 (one-time payment)


7. Registration of electricity meter:

   - Registration of a completely new electricity meter: $200 (one-time payment)

   - Transfer of the meter's name from the old owner to the new owner: $40 (one-time payment)


8. Annual municipal fee: 0.01% of the property value as stated in the Tapu.


9. Landline Türk Telekom costs: $15

   - For those who choose to have a landline phone.


10. Mobile network costs: Approximately $0.05 per minute for local calls.


11. Annual insurance for the property (DASK) against earthquakes and natural disasters: Approximately $2 per square meter.


12. Monthly expenses for the residence:

   - Monthly fees for residence security, housekeeping, water, and electricity bills vary from one        

       residence complex to another.

   - Prices of monthly bills:

     - Price per kilowatt-hour of electricity: $0.11

     - Price of one cubic meter of water: $0.851

Property Extra Expenses and Fees

Please note that these are estimated values, and actual costs may vary depending on the location, property value, and specific services or residence complex. It's important to consult with local authorities or a real estate professional to get accurate and up-to-date information on property-related expenses in Turkey. Please contact Maximos Real Estate for a consultation. Top of Form