Maximos Real Estate provides a guaranteed rental service with the income of 5% per year.
 If you are not going to make a vacation in Turkey all the summer long, why don't you make a profit from renting out your property?

Renting out procedure is following: after you fully furnish your apartment or villa we make photos of your apartment, post it on several websites and forums with detailed information and manage the selection of tenants and full control over the apartment.

Renting out an apartment for short term is a big advantage for the owner as same time you can use your property for your own holiday and as well have income from tourist who stay in your property in the rest of the time.

The property has to meet the requirements of the tourists and everything necessary for the holiday must be provided like towels, linens, dishes etc.

In general short term rentals are provided for the entire season and the total annual income exceeds the income of the long term rentals. 

As well while giving your property for the short term rental, the tenants pay the water/electricity and cleaning of the apartment upon departure themselves.

If you wish to rent out your property, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.