Properties for sale in Turkey: Add a Turkish touch to your real estate

Maximos Real Estate is your first port of call for Turkey’s best properties. Our portfolio can fit the bill whether you are considering real estate to live in, rent out, or resell. Make your decisions clearly as you choose apartments for sale in Turkey, and own a property that comes with the Turkish Mediterranean climate and coastal bl iss as an integral bonus! We do more than listings here at Maximos Real Estate. We are adept at all property - related issues, including the buy - sell process, leases, and maintenance, so that you can entrust us with the bureaucratic and legal aspects of real estate purchases in Turkey. Language barriers and borders are not a problem – we can assist you every step of the deal wherever you are.

Buy property in Turkey for living or business

Turkey is an excellent place to launch a business or expand yo ur company’s branches. At the same time, it is a great relocation destination for you and your family, as the country is known for its exceptional service, reasonable prices, and well - thought - out infrastructure. So, whether you are looking for a property t o invest in or move into, you’re set to capitalize on your decision.

Maximos Real Estate provides you with all the latest offers on the Turkish housing market. Browse through the following types of properties in Turkey for sale:

  • Residential (apartments, private houses, villas)
  • Commercial (shops, offices)
  • Land

Explore apartments for sale in Turkey’s most popular areas, including Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya, and Belek. You can adjust the website search according to your preferences and view appropriate listings online. We were pressed for time to deal with listings yourself. Please describe your needs to us, and our team will choose properties for you following all the criteria.

Carry out your own housing research

At Maximos Real Estate, we cover the u pdated information about each apt for sale in Turkey. You can learn about your future property even if you can’t attend a viewing appointment. Click on the listing for pictures and descriptions of the coveted apartment, house, or office. Then, please take a closer look at its features, from precise square footage and condition to public services and infrastructure. The details are triple - checked before publishing so you can be fully aware of the building’s benefits and drawbacks before seeing it in real life.

Manage your real estate with outsourced hassles

Already own an apartment? Our team can help you furnish and maintain it in your absence. If moving to Turkey isn’t an option yet, but you still need your property taken care of, you can assign thi s task to Maximos Real Estate. When you buy property in Turkey for resale, we can negotiate on your behalf. Once we agree on all the details, you can authorize us to handle the buy - sell matters and wait for the profitable deal to be closed without effort f rom your side. Are you looking for tenants? Our team can help you rent your newly purchased property and handle the bureaucratic issues. All you have to do is decide on rental conditions and contact us for further guidance.

Nothing should hold you back

We are a real estate agency that makes buying a property in Turkey straightforward while assisting from the first viewing click to the final money transfer. As a foreigner, you will never have to worry about paperwork, translation, and ongoing negotiations. Plus, you can entrust us to walk you through the Turkish laws, mortgage options, and potential benefits for property owners. Do you need a private consultation? Fill in our form , and we will contact you shortly.