According to the Turkish law you can obtain a visa to Turkey by visiting the website and making an application online. Since April 2013 «sticker visa» in the passport was replaced with the e-visa. However you can still buy visa in the airport by the arrival, just the visa price will be slightly higher that at the website.

The website can be browsed in different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and Turkish.

If you are a citizen of the country that needs to obtain visa from Turkish embassy or Consulate, Maximos Real Estate will help you with all necessary documents and consultation.

After receiving touristic e-visa in the internet or airport, our company will provide you the service where you can get residential permission in Turkey in the Police Department.

As the owner of the property in Turkey you have right to get 1 year residential visa that can be renewed annually. If one member of the family is the official owner of property, then husband/wife and children under 18 years old can get a residency permit as well.
Leave all the paperwork to us and enjoy your stay in Turkey!