Property Maintenance

After purchase of property in Turkey has been done, you may need your real estate agency to help you with the property management.
To make your life easier and the property ownership more pleasant Maximos Real Estate has created a competitive property management package which includes all the services for your needs.

Maximos Real Estate offers the clients following services:

1. Key holding
Maximos Real Estate holds the set of keys to your property in our safe box or in the safe of the in-site 7/24 security office of your Residence. This is done for the immediate contact for you or your guests in case of the requirement of the access to your property.
2. Security check
Maximos Real Estate carefully examines the whole exterior and interior of your property including the windows, doors, kitchen cupboards, bathroom etc for any evidence of damage.
3. Freshen of the property
It is necessary to circulate fresh air in the unoccupied property to decrease condensation and humidity. We will open windows and shutters to air the your property, and to clear stagnant water run taps and showers.
4. Examine all furniture & decorations for wear & tear or damages.
Maximos Real Estate will make sure that your Turkish property is clean and tidy, test appliances to determine that everything is in working order - gas, electricity, security systems if applicable.
5. Property inspection
Maximos Real Estate will examine your property every 15 days and inspect it through and through. Each month you will receive reports and photos to your email. If any problem occurred, you will be informed about it immediately.
6. Hire repairman if required
If in your property anything has been broken and needs maintenance, on your approval Maximos Real Estate will arrange a repairman to fix and solve the problem. As well on your behalf regular updated via email will be sent.
7. Monthly post collection and sending to the country of your residence if necessary
8. Cleaning up the property
Before your arrival up to request we arrange a complete clean of your property, including windows, floors, bathroom, balcony and white goods. 

9. Payment of bills (e.g. utility bills, water, electric, site fees)
If you didn't open the bank account in Turkey and have difficulties to pay out your bills, Maximos Real Estate will pay your bills in time and send you the bill of the amount paid.
10.Payment of taxes
Payment of property and payment for the household of the Residence (security, swimming pool and garden cleaning)
11. Representation and assistance provided at any site meetings, residents conferences when required
Usually 1 time a year all the property owners of the Residence have meetings. If it is inconvenient for you to attend the meeting yourself, Maximos Real Estate will make it on your behalf.