“Boğaçay Marina” a Project that will give a new bright face to Konyaalti Beach

“Boğaçay Marina” a Project that will give a new bright face to Konyaalti Beach

Boğaçay Marina, the ships and yachts harbour project is one of the most charming projects that set on the right positıon of Konyaaltı Beach of Antalya. The project will create an enormous yacht marina, a new 40-kilometer beach, and a nice looking recreational area. The plan is to heighten the river's flow by maximizing the sea coast in Antalya.

This is an awesome project to be built on the river bank of Boğaçay River. Where it meets with Konyaalti Beach area as it will be the entrance of the yacht harbour and marina complex will continue all the way through the northern side of the river to be used for the yachts and sailing boats. The purpose of the project is to inspirit tourism in Antalya. This major investment will be attracting thousands of tourists to the centre of Antalya’s. 

The current 6 km length of Konyaalti Beach will be 40 km of coast with the Boğacay Yacht Marina Project; this outstanding city plan will make the value of the properties in Konyaalti area increasing rapidly soon after the project starts. Therefore, yacht tourists who will start to travel to Antalya. This is one of the many Projects which plan to turn Antalya to a better living, very calm and always a green area.

Boğacay Marina Yacht Project will boost the property price increase in Konyaaltı area. This Project will offer many jobs and social amenities like air-conditioned walkways, bike paths, sports fields, sailing and water sports clubs. The municipality of Antalya plans to build a new highway to Kemer direction. This will decrease the auto traffic from the coastline. Only private cars will be allowed to have access to the beachside. In many parts of Antalya, they started to build new parks, children playgrounds, walking paths, water parks, sports and a lot of facilities.


Also, there will be a harbour and Green Park areas. This huge investment will make Antalya the pearl of tourism. While Antalya is one of the most major tourist destinations, attracting upwards of 12.5 million visitors each year, the aim is to make the area a prime destination for tourists and locals alike by controlling water levels to preserve and protect the urban landscape-and creates recreational areas around the waterfront, including a mixed-use marina district and a centre for culture and entertainment. This promotes broader community connectivity and accessibility, allowing for continued economic growth.


The Antalya Konyaalti Bogacay Marina

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