“Antalya’s diamond necklace konyaalti Coast” with the Mediterranean Boulevard to accomplish a worldwide project

Antalya’s diamond necklace konyaalti Coast with the Mediterranean Boulevard to accomplish a worldwide project

Antalya continues to develop with new projects as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and the Mediterranean region. The Metropolitan Municipality continues to work at the Konyaaltı Coastal Project; The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality showcases its projects at MIPIM 2017a world-wide NGO-led project, which was achieved through the Contest Project of the Chamber of Architects.

The revamped Konyaaltı coast aims to be the city's recreational hub as well as a functioning beach. It's been designed to be an effective coastline at any time of day for diverse users. This design approach searches for new ways to create new space typologies in the open field, Konyaalti Beach will serve with a contemporary and original arrangement in the summer of 2018.

The section between Minicity and Konyaalti Municipality was also organized as a round trip divided into two halves. The images of trucks and trucks passing through the coastal road will be history when the vehicle’s path becomes a pedestrian green axis.

On the north side, a service-controlled traffic will be allowed. The tourism facilities and residential areas in the north of the project area, where pedestrian mobility will be the front plan, will be transformed into spaces integrated with the coast.


Konyaalti coast Beach which has been reorganized in a holistic, contemporary and original way with the project will come to a position it deserves based on the unique harmony of blue and green. While the concrete floors in the pre-project area are 97 thousand 468 m2, with the new project it is reduced to 67 thousand 800 m2 and approximately 30 thousand m2 concrete area is converted to green area.

Preserving all the existing trees in the project area, 5 thousand 234 trees are added to the area, 3 thousand 234 in the Mediterranean Boulevard, 1077 in Beach Park and Variant, and 953 in the Museum and Olbia Square. In the present case, the covered area of 12,600 m2 will be reduced by half in square meters and these areas will be reorganized as green areas.


The Konyaalti Coast Project, which aims to provide priority sea use to the public as a completely public project, has social and cultural areas, sightseeing areas, walking paths, water sports, green areas, activity areas, recreational areas, eating and drinking and shopping areas.

With the project, the beach at the back of the park will be fully preserved and walkways and bicycle paths will be built and used by the Anatolians. The amphitheater in the corridor will be preserved in the same way and will continue to host cultural and artistic events.

The project will allow unhindered access to the Konyaaltı Coast by disabled citizens. In the project area starting from the museum square to the Boğaçay, the disabled people were able to move easily and enter the sea.

Antalya’s diamond necklace Blue Flagged Konyaalti Coast

Author: Maximos Real Estate